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[30] Effect of crushed glass on the mechanical and microstructural behavior of highly expansive clay subgrade [Under Review]
Salpadoru Tholkamudalige Anupiya. M. Perera1, Mohammad Saberian, Jiasheng Zhu, Rajeev Roychand, Jie Li
[29] Application of COVID19 Plastic Based Isolation Gowns in Structural Concrete [Under Review]
Shannon Kilmartin-Lynch, Rajeev Roychand, Mohammad Saberian, Jie Li, Guomin Zhang
10.204 2022
Identification, classification and quantification of microplastics in road dust and stormwater
Sirajum Monira, Rajeev Roychand, Muhammed Bhuiyan, Faisal Hai, and Biplob Kumar Pramanik
Chemosphere, 2022
7.086 2022
Drying shrinkage properties of expanded polystyrene (EPS) lightweight aggregate concrete: A review
Mehdi Maghfouri, Vahid Alimohammadi, Rishi Gupta, Mohammad Saberian, Pejman Azarsa, Pejman Azarsa, Iman Asadi, Rajeev Roychand
Case Studies in Construction Materials, 2022
3.328 2022
Mechanical performance and durability of geopolymer lightweight rubber concrete
Osama Youssf, Mohamed Elchalakani, Reza Hassanli, Rajeev Roychand, Yan Zhuge, Rebecca Gravina, and Julie E. Mills
Journal of Building Engineering, 2022
5.318 2022
Application of COVID-19 single-use shredded nitrile gloves in structural concrete: Case study from Australia
Shannon Kilmartin-Lynch, Rajeev Roychand, Mohammad Saberian, Jie Li, and Guomin Zhang
Science of the Total Environment, 2022
7.963 2022
Bond Behaviour of Deformed Steel Bars Embedded in Crumb Rubberized Concrete
Rebecca Gravina, Tianyu Xie, Rajeev Roychand, Yan Zhuge, Xing Ma, and Julie E. Mills, Osama Youssf
Structures, 2021
2.983 2021
Understanding the fate and control of road dust-associated microplastics in stormwater
Sirajum Monira, Biplob Kumar Pramanik, Muhammed Bhuiyan, Nawshad Haque, Kalpit Shah, Rajeev Roychand, Faisal Hai
Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 2021
6.158 2021
Practical Rubber Pre-treatment Approch for Concrete Use – An Experimental Study
Rajeev Roychand, Rebecca J. Gravina, Yan Zhuge, Xing Ma, Julie E. Mills and Osama Youssf
Journal of Composite Science, 2021
Large direct shear testing of waste crushed rock reinforced waste rubber
Mohammad Saberian, Jie Li, Salpadoru T Perera, Annan Zhou, Rajeev Roychand, Gang Ren
Transportation Geotechnics, 2021
3.293 2021
Preliminary evaluation of the feasibility of using polypropylene fibres from COVID-19 single-use face masks to improve the mechanical properties of concrete
Shannon Kilmartin-Lynch, Mohammad Saberian, Jie Li, Rajeev Roychand, Guomin Zhang
Journal of Cleaner Production, 2021
9.297 2021
Recycling biosolids as cement composites in raw, pyrolysed and ashed forms: a waste utilisation approach to support circular economy
Rajeev Roychand, Savankumar Patel, Pobitra Halder, Sazal Kundu, James Hampton, David Bergmann, Aravind Surapaneni, Kalpit Shah, Biplob Kumar Pramanik
Journal of Building Engineering, 2021
5.318 2021
Development of zero cement composite for the protection of concrete sewage pipes from corrosion and fatbergs
Rajeev Roychand, Jie Li, Saman De Silva, Mohammad Saberian, David Law, Biplob Kumar Pramanik
Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 2021
10.204 2021
An experimental study on the shear behaviour of recycled concrete aggregate incorporating recycled tyre waste
Mohammad Saberian, Jie Li, Salpadoru Tholkamudalige Anupiya. M. Perera, Gang Ren, Rajeev Roychand, Hamayon Tokhi
Construction and Building Materials, 2020
6.141 2020
[15] Development of Crumb Rubber Concrete for Practical Application in the Residential Construction Sector–Design and Processing
Osama Youssf, Julie E Mills, Tom Benn, Yan Zhuge, Xing Ma, Rajeev Roychand, Rebecca Gravina
Construction and Building Materials, 2020
6.141 2020
[14] Fate of road-dust associated microplastics and per-and polyfluorinated substances in stormwater
Biplob Kumar Pramanik, Rajeev Roychand, Sirajum Monira, Muhammed Bhuiyan, Veeriah Jegatheesan
Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 2020
6.158 2020
Lithium recovery from salt-lake brine: Impact of competing cations, pretreatment and preconcentration
Biplob Kumar Pramanik, Muhammad Bilal Asif, Rajeev Roychand, Li Shu, Veeriah Jegatheesan, Muhammed Bhuiyan, Faisal Ibney Hai
Chemosphere, 2020
7.086 2020
Emerging investigator series: phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater by adsorption on steelmaking slag preceding forward osmosis: an integrated process
Biplob Kumar Pramanik, Md Aminul Islam, Muhammad Bilal Asif, Rajeev Roychand, Sagor Kumar Pramanik, Kalpit Shah, Muhammed Bhuiyan, Faisal Hai
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 2020
4.251 2020
[11] A quantitative study on the effect of nano SiO2, nano Al2O3 and nano CaCO3 on the physicochemical properties of very high volume fly ash cement composite
Rajeev Roychand, Saman De Silva, Sujeeva Setunge, David Law
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, 2020
2.516 2020
[10] A comprehensive review on the mechanical properties of waste tire rubber concrete
Rajeev Roychand, Rebecca J Gravina, Yan Zhuge, Xing Ma, Osama Youssf, Julie E Mills
Construction and Building Materials, 2020
6.141 2020
Identification of micro-plastics in Australian road dust
Rajeev Roychand, Biplob Kumar Pramanik
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2020
5.909 2020
[8] Novel approach to improve crumb rubber concrete strength using thermal treatment
El-Sayed Abd-Elaal, Sherif Araby, Julie E Mills, Osama Youssf, Rajeev Roychand, Xing Ma, Yan Zhuge, Rebecca J Gravina
Construction and Building Materials, 2019
6.141 2019
Pathway, classification and removal efficiency of microplastics in wastewater treatment plants
Phuong Linh Ngo, Biplob Kumar Pramanik, Kalpit Shah, Rajeev Roychand
Environmental Pollution
8.071 2019
Recycling steel slag from municipal wastewater treatment plants into concrete applications - a step towards circular economy
Rajeev Roychand, Biplob Kumar Pramanik, Guomin Zhang, Sujeeva Setunge
Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 2019
10.204 2019
Influence of mixing procedures, rubber treatment, and fibre additives on rubcrete performance
Osama Youssf, Reza Hassanli, Julie E Mills, William Skinner, Xing Ma, Yan Zhuge, Rajeev Roychand, Rebecca Gravina
Journal of Composites Science, 2019
Nano Silica Modified High-Volume Fly Ash and Slag Cement Composite: Environmentally Friendly Alternative to OPC
Rajeev Roychand, Saman De Silva, Sujeeva Setunge
Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 2018
2.169 2018
Performance of micro and nano engineered high volume fly ash cement composite
Rajeev Roychand
Thesis - RMIT University Melbourne, 2017
Micro and Nano Engineered High Volume Ultrafine Fly Ash Cement Composite with and without Additives
Rajeev Roychand, Saman De Silva, David Law, Sujeeva Setunge
International journal of concrete structures and materials, 2016
2.483 2016
High volume fly ash cement composite modified with nano silica, hydrated lime and set accelerator
Rajeev Roychand, Saman De Silva, David Law, Sujeeva Setunge
Materials and Structures, 2015
3.428 2015